Climbing Kilimanjaro

There are multiple ways to approach climbing Kilimanjaro as the map above points out. The climb duration is typically related to your budget and physical fitness with 6 and 7 days along the Marangu (Coca Cola) and Machame (Whiskey) routes being the most popular choices.

Any route, for any number of days is possible with us — we can completely customize your experience!

We highly encourage you to contact us so we can talk through your trek together!

The three types of climbs

  1. Open Climbs — you can join other groups or solo combine forces.
  2. Private Climbs — you and your specific group tackle the mountain.
  3. Charity Climbs — climb to raise money! We offer no-minimum fundraising and ultra-low deposits.

Our porters take care of you. So we take care of them.

Safari Heroes employs, empowers, and rewards local guides and porters.

Guides and porters are some of the least paid workers in our society. Many other trekking operators take advantage of this and pay their guides and porters very minimal wages (as little as 3 USD per day). We however exist to empower each other. Trust that we pay at least twice the average local salary from the fees you pay us without charging you more. Let us take you to the top and at the same time feel great about providing for those in need.

Kilimanjaro Heroes

We also run Kilimanjaro Heroes — a highly-respected Kilimanjaro climbing company and strongly recommend you check out that website. While you may see some similar information, we have resources over there for how to prepare for the climb, specific route itineraries, packing recommendations and more! You can access it via the button below.

Climbing Kilimanjaro -- With Safari Heroes
Climbing Kilimanjaro -- With Safari Heroes
Climbing Kilimanjaro -- With Safari Heroes